Butters Christmas Card 2018

2018 was a year of unexpected surprises for the Butters Family, and a true testimony to the fact that God has plans for us beyond what we could possibly imagine for ourselves. We began the year with no major trips planned, and no intentions to change the plans we had had in place for years, […]

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5-Minute Pesto

Remember Paradise Bakery back in it’s heyday? (Before Panera came and trashed it…not that I’m biased or bitter in any way). Paradise Bakery had by far the best pesto I’ve ever had. Right when you would walk in, there was a free sample table with fresh cuts of french bread, and a bowl full of […]

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5 Things I No Longer Buy

Imagine a world where you saw no advertisements all day. EVER. Imagine the silence. Imagine the PEACE that would come from making your own decisions on what to buy, entirely based on what you needed or enjoyed. Imagine being able to think about your belongings in terms of how much use and value you get […]

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