Backyard Garden Week #1

I used to think that Arizona was the worst place for a gardener to live. The triple digit summers, the sandy soil, and the spiky, dry native plants scared me into believing that I wouldn’t ever be able to grow anything I really wanted to. About a year ago, however, I took a Plant Science […]

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Finding My Seasonal Ministry

How one simple question helped me focus my service in a meaningful way…and feel more peace in the┬áprocess. From a young age, my search for purpose was important to me. I thought that there would be a theme to my life–some grand, highly individual mission that I and I alone was sent to fulfill on […]

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Butters Christmas Card 2018

2018 was a year of unexpected surprises for the Butters Family, and a true testimony to the fact that God has plans for us beyond what we could possibly imagine for ourselves. We began the year with no major trips planned, and no intentions to change the plans we had had in place for years, […]

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