About Me

My name is Morgan Butters, and I live in Mesa, AZ with my high school sweetheart and IMG_5040our three little English Bulldogs. I’m a full-time foster Mama, part-time college student–(2 more semesters, YAY!), and absolute plant addict.

My life mantra is this: “Live simply, love openly, give abundantly, have courage, be kind.”  I try my best to apply this to everything I do, from parenting, to work, to my relationships with friends and family.

This blog is a way for me to be open and honest in describing my attempts to make life as simple and wonderful as possible, in a world that glorifies complicated, busy, excessive lifestyles.

I believe that God has a hand in our lives. I have asked Him to be undeniably present and unmistakably clear as my guide and Heavenly Father. When He follows through, (as he so often does), sharing my experiences with the world is just one small and simple way that I can thank Him.

I hope that you’ll find some light peeking through the words that you read here…some inspiration to carry on, or motivation to dig deeper and demand more out of your life. If you ever have any questions or want to reach out, you can reach me at s.morganbutters@gmail.com