Backyard Garden Update

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared an update on how our tiny backyard garden is doing…between chasing bulldogs and holding babies, life has been pretty hectic! My one consolation throughout all of the chaos has been walking outback and seeing all of the life and growth happening in our own backyard, so I wanted […]

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Backyard Garden Week #1

I used to think that Arizona was the worst place for a gardener to live. The triple digit summers, the sandy soil, and the spiky, dry native plants scared me into believing that I wouldn’t ever be able to grow anything I really wanted to. About a year ago, however, I took a Plant Science […]

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Finding My Seasonal Ministry

How one simple question helped me focus my service in a meaningful way…and feel more peace in the┬áprocess. From a young age, my search for purpose was important to me. I thought that there would be a theme to my life–some grand, highly individual mission that I and I alone was sent to fulfill on […]

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Fostering Privacy

We’re approximately a month away from being licensed foster parents! This upcoming Thursday is our CPR class, the 10th of July is our home inspection, and THEN it takes about two weeks for the state to approve the license. We’re (a little) nervous, but mostly excited. I wanted to take the opportunity to explain why confidentiality […]

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